Outer Beauty

Timberledge Wellness specializes in holistic facial treatments, oncology and sensitive skin, and botanical-based skin care. Experience my unique, customized, bespoke facials promoting healthy skin, inner strength and self-transformation.

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Skin-to-Soul Facial – Align your inner and outer beauty to a whole new level with this signature treatment. Experience the healing effects of nature’s gemstones and reiki during this restorative, balancing facial. A complete European facial to clarify, balance, and hydrate your skin complete with a reiki session to clear energy pathways, release tension, and bring harmony and balance inside and out. Set intentions, breathe deeply with guided imagery, and allow the healing energy to flow. Look and feel radiant and rejuvenated after your body transcends into a peaceful meditation journey….$107

Elite Facial – Feel like nobility with this completely customized facial. Let’s clarify, balance, and hydrate your skin using specially chosen clinical grade skincare to address your skin’s needs. This full European facial includes a double cleanse, steam and exfoliation, corrective mask, serums, and SPF. Release and let go during the facial massage of royalty. Feel the earth’s energy in the therapeutic stone tools and crystal eye mask. Heal and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit like a queen with this treatment….$90

Express Facial – Enjoy an abbreviated version of the Elite Facial, without the facial and upper body massage. Great for teens and pre-teens!….$60

Earth-to-Soul Facial – Fully embrace the energy from the earth and reveal your skin’s natural radiance with this unique pure-mud facial. Heilmoor Mud is the result of nearly 30,000 years of living plant dynamics in ancient bogs in one of Europe’s richest and most prolific valleys. Experience its therapeutic properties as it smooths, tones, and brightens your complexion. Safe for all skin types….$90

Sound-to-Soul Facial – Harness the healing properties of sound vibrational frequencies with this innovative, rejuvenating tuning fork facial. Sound vibrations travel deep into the energy pathways and help to tighten and lift sagging skin, decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Feel the harmonizing vibrations of the tuning forks, as they clear stagnant lymph and energy, reduce swelling and puffiness, and stimulate circulation. Relax into this unique, bespoke facial, that balances all of you. Cleanse of the skin, gentle exfoliating mask, tuning fork sound balance….$99

Crown Point Facial – Experience the ultimate state of relaxation, calmness, and universal connection with this upper body, head, and scalp treatment. Feel the earth’s natural beauty with locally crafted Wilder North Botanicals skincare and energy filled tools of labradorite and copper. This unique gentle massage-based treatment focuses on facial, scalp, neck and shoulder muscles, lymph, and fascia as well as upper chakra clearing (throat, 3rd eye, and crown) to promote inner power and strength, mental clarity, and self-transformation. Align your inner and outer beauty completely, feel rejuvenated and refreshed inside and out….$80

Dermaplane Express – Cleanse, dermaplane, and moisturize….$45

Soothing Sensitive Skin Facial – Sensitive Skin requires delicate treatment. Soothe and comfort the most delicate of skin with this gentle treatment. Hale and Hush products strengthen and revitalize while repairing and promoting a healthy skin barrier. Hydrate, calm, and soothe redness prone easily irritated skin with a gentle cleanse, optional exfoliation, anti-inflammatory healing mask and serum, and reparative, luxurious moisturizer to seal in all the supportive ingredients. It also includes a gentle facial massage with cooled gemstone tools to move energy and lymph, and increase circulation. This facial is ideal for occasionally to seriously sensitive skin. Products are scentless and natural. Let the healing begin….$85

Soulistic Skin Facial – Using oncology-safe skincare products, experience this unique customized facial designed for highly sensitive, compromised skin. The treatment begins with a gentle cleanse, rose quartz facial massage, and hydrating mask. This is followed by a Reiki session with energy-filled gemstones to soothe, comfort, and balances your inner self. This all-encompassing mind-body-spirit facial treatment will leave you feeling nurtured and restored…$85


LED Light Therapy Session; 20 Mins – Add-on an LED Light Therapy treatment to any facial service, or come for a stand alone 20 min session….$20

Dermaplane – Add-on a dermaplane to any facial….$20

Mitts and Boots – Hand and foot heated moisturizing treatment….$20

Everyone’s Favorite – Scalp massage and foot moisturizing treatment….$22

Hair Removal

Hair removal with Cirepil Blue wax and/or tweezing


Upper Lip….$10


Lashes and Brows

Lash lift – A treatment that enhances your natural lashes by lifting and curling the lashes using specially formulated perming solutions. A highly recommended alternative to lash extensions!…$75

Lash Tint – An alternative to mascara for lighter-haired clients, the lash tint uses all natural ingredients and darkens the lashes for more dramatic and engaging eyes….$25

Brow Tint A color treatment for your eyebrows to make them appear fuller and more pronounced….$20